San Diego Zoo: if your feet aren't sore then you didn't do it right.

Wow.  I'm pooped.

The temperature was perfect.  Sunny, warm, slight breeze. None of that helps your feet though.  We didn't even get through the whole thing but after about 5 hours of walking, I was confident that I'd seen enough. The San Diego Zoo is quite amazing.  With the number of people who must go there day in and day out, the place was immaculate.  Plenty of little nooks to sit, seek shade and enjoy the wildlife.  The place is vast. 

Of course you want to take tons of photos of all the cool animals but it's always hard to get close enough or get around the fences, glass walls and such.  Here are a couple that turned out pretty good despite all of that.

One of the biggest attractions at the San Diego Zoo is the giant panda exhibit and one of the few zoos to boast having them. Our whole plan was to go early in hopes of avoiding the lines of people wanting to see them. Paul, Ellie and I lucked out by having this one wander around his enclosure when we walked through.


Flamingos not in water...with their heads up. Not sure I've ever seen that at a zoo? We watched a keeper come right out, select one, then pick it up.  Taking it back behind the gate for whatever reason. Basically, long legged chickens!


Here's Turbo, the Andean bear.  He was quite the character.  As the work trucks drove by, he'd climb as high as he could and try to get their attention. Bouncing on the branches and waving.  One driver called to him as they came along and stopped to say hi.  Obviously, one of the more social species.


The last little funny from our trip to the zoo.  Basically, one of the first exhibits we got to.  They just so happen to have a Tazmanian Devil named Debbie.  I find it quite humorous that one of the most vicious animals out there is my namesake. I immediately texted my husband so that I could laugh at it first, before he did.


The elephants and the reptiles were amazing as well but didn't make for very great photos this trip. The secretary bird was by far the craziest animal I saw. So much so that I didn't even snap one photo of it because I was staring in awe at just how strange and beautiful it was.  I'd love to go back and spend more time in the Africa area for sure.

Highly recommend stopping here on any trip to San Diego.  It'll spoil you when it comes to visiting other zoos but it's well worth the time and money. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.