The road trip commences...

Today we embark on what we hope becomes an epic, memorable road trip.  Since Paul, my husband, had hernia surgery at the beginning of April, he's required to take about 4 weeks off of heavy lifting. Being a large animal veterinarian...that's a tall order. We took this opportunity to combine vacation with visiting friends and family along the western side of the U.S. Traveling through Washington, Oregon and California.

Today, we head to Ashland, OR from Lynden, WA. Mostly just driving straight there since we've often driven that route and don't feel the need to "sightsee" just yet. The way back will be a different story.

Our "to do" list it quite extensive but with 19 days on the road...I'm feeling optimistic about getting it all done! Needless to say, this list is way more fun than my list at home.

Only downside...leaving our beloved Ruthie at home. She really tried to invite herself along as the car was being loaded up.

 Sad dog knows we're leaving her. 

Sad dog knows we're leaving her.